Morpheus Experience


Morpheus Experience

Creative Environment

Morpheus Musica is inspired by the Greek god of dreams, “Morpheus”.

It’s an ecosystem inspiring and encouraging young talent to express, experiment and dare to create all kinds of music, in every form without any restrictions. We love trial and error, fresh approaches and be challenged, to manage the best outcome that can be imagined for the production. The studio is superbly equipped with a variety of equipment. We continuously add, update and upgrade our equipment to the needs of the industry. International artists can hire exceptional musicians in Turkey across many genres for their productions. The talent of accomplished musicians and technical staff associated with the studio are more than capable of delivering results. At Morpheus you will have the breathing space to dream, experiment, take giant leaps and enjoy the sound design journey. We learn, aim and approach to find continuously new ways to creatively express ideas in the form of music. Having years of experience in the music industry, Morpheus is also creating its own productions with an international vision not limited by conventional ways.







Film Scoring

Morpheus Musica supports musicians to record and mix at high industry standards with world class equipment. From pre-production stage of a project, we are the binding chord undertaking the necessary production coaching according to their needs and demands. By integrating our adaptation to the digital age with our analogue experience, we aim to reveal each project’s own color with clarity. With the assistance of qualified sound engineers and musicians in our team, we add substantial value to the overall outcome. We are open to innovation, ideas, debate and criticsm working creatively with engineers, musicians and producers to bring the magic touch to a superlative outcome.

The recording studio of Mustafa Khetty & Morpheus Project


One recording room, one control room, two production and one editing room.

Latest Projects

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Mustafa Khetty
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Erdem Yener
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